Blogger Template Installation guide

Blogger Template Installation Guide

In this post I am going to tell you how to install blogger template. And remove all unwanted locked or extra widgets.

Table of Contents (toc)

Theme Installations

Before installing a new theme on your blog, you must first make a backup of the custom gadget and old template if it fail to install or you still want to use it in the future.

Once you've downloaded the blogger template in .zip or .rar format, extract the files so you can install them on blogger.

Theme Backup

Go to the Theme menu > click on the dropdown > Backup > then choose Download.

Overwriting Template

  • Once you have downloaded and extracted the new theme, go to the folder and find the theme file with the .xml extension;
  • Open files with a Text Editor (Notepad, Sublime Text, Visual Studio Code, etc);
  • Click inside the code, select all the code (Ctrl + A), and copy the code (Ctrl + C).

Replacing Template

  • Go to the Theme menu > click on the dropdown > Edit HTML;
  • Click inside the code, select all code (Ctrl + A), and paste new code (Ctrl + V);
  • After you change the code, click Save Theme (Disk Icon);
  • Return to the previous page to make sure the template has been installed correctly.

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