How to Create Gmail Account for Free

What is Gmail and to Use it?

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Is it you question that what is Gmail?

Gmail is a free webmail service that offers everyone the same powerful, yet simple tools. Gmail is very popular because it offers everyone 15 gigabytes of email storage. Gmail has many different features, such as the ability to organize your email into categories. Gmail also has a chat function with Google Talk. The chat function is very helpful for discussing schedules or appointments. Gmail also comes with Spell Check and autocomplete for future actions. Being able to do all of these things so easily saves time and helps your email experience flow smoothly.

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How to Create Gmail Account

Hi, I’m here to show you how to create a Gmail account. I’ll walk you through all of the easy steps.
  •  Click “Create an Account”.
  •  Enter your name, email, and password.
  •  Fill in the boxes with your password and click “Next Step”.
  •  Read and agree to the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy and click “Next Step”.
  •  Choose the Google Account types you would like, and click “Next Step”.
  •  Choose whether you would like to share data.

Do you want to create a Gmail account, but don’t know how? It is very easy and doesn't take long.

1: Go to: and click the yellow "Sign up" button.

2: Enter your name, email address, and create a password.

3: Once you have read and accepted the Terms of Service click the "Sign up" button.

4: You will be asked to fill out a short survey, which is about your interests and what types of emails you enjoy receiving.

5: Now you have a Gmail account!

How to login Gmail Account

To log in to a Gmail account and always follow the below steps, the user should:

1) Go to and input your created username.

2) After that enter your password of the account that the new Gmail account will be linked to.

3) Choose a Google username and then sign in with that account.

4) Enter the password of the account and click Sign In.

Note: Never share your password with anyone.

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